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2013 필라여름방학영어캠프 (천송희 5001) 작성일 : 2013-08-30  

My PILA Experience

2013 July 23, I came this camp PILA.

I always came here so, I already know teacher Olivia and Teacher Hoon, but no teacher Daria, There is only teacher Alice.

I see teacher Alice at the first camp (2nd grade). However, I meet teacher Dang. Teacher Apple, Teacher Bea, Teacher Mier, Teacher Mitch, Teacher Decy, Teacher Nurse, Teacher Fara, Teacher Mona. Also meet new student.

Already gone but koala Sarah, Strong female Kelly, long hair Julie, tiny but big girl Anna, and gay Andrew, always hit Anna, Evan Also. Rebecca and Alice.

 Time is so fast.. Thank you for all it was a good time bye – bye.


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이전글 :  2013~14 필라겨울방학영어캠프 (나범주 6002)
다음글 :  2013 필라여름방학영어캠프 (이진서 4001)