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To. Teacher Ruby, Rica, Annne 작성일 : 2012-02-19  
T. Ruby
Hello, teacher fine! I'm Jack. I don't know how to make Facebook. But I will make it! Please wait for me~.
I want to see Philippine and teachers TT. Please send a message for me! Bye~.
T. Rica
Hello, teacher Rica! I'm Jack. I arrived Korea well(?). So don't worry about me. How about you in Philippine?
I am fine here in Korea. I am glad to meet my friends and family. I will make Facebook later, so wait for me!
T. Annne
Hello, teacher Annne! I'm Jack. How about you in Philippine? Good or bad? Is Anna speaking well in English? I think she will be good at English, but take a long~~ time. Ha ha. Please send a message! Bye~.

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